Cooking day

Today I’ve got many new experiences.
The day was started when I was woke up late at 6.30,after my friend phone rang several times and it become noisy so he must pick it up. And turn out that it was the call to wake us up to go to Sabuga this morning for jogging session :D.
Well,we went to Sabuga at 7.00 and we were going to enter Sabuga from front door but turn out it was closed for public because the big boss of this country is coming to open a certain party meeting.Many troopers wandering around making me uncomfortable,as if the place is not safe enough.Ah perhaps mister president afraid that some of the terrorist are going to beheaded him. As usual with the visit of mister president,many things planned before went abrupt,such as Car Free Day at Dago is closed and an event held by LSS must be delayed for one week.It’s just felt unfair for me seeing things like that.Blah whatever lah..

Okay enough with shit about that person,continue about my activity.After two round running and one round of walking with FAA and LM and added with walking on top of acupuncture stone that felt so hurt we sit for a while discussing what to do next. Ah by the way during the running me and FAA chat about some things heheh…Keep your faith bro :D,as long as we keep our intention good I believe that some good things will blossomed out in the future,just keep your faith in what you do :).

Next destination is Pasar Simpang,to buy some ingredients needed to cook the dishes.The chef decided to cook a Tomiyami,well I don’t know what kind of animal is that 😛 but let’s just believe in her. We bought squid , shrimp , radish and some seasoning that looks soooo spicy :D. After recounting the amount of spoon and bowl that available and also the cooking utensils ,we continue our walk to LM place to pick gas stove,a big size rice cooker , several bowl. But we are not straightly leaving LM place after picking those stuff,we wait for RWW who told LM that he need RP camera for today event at RWW dorm. But he never appeared so we just go to campus after waiting several minutes.

After arrived in campus,the first thing to do is cleaning the squid and shrimp. Turn out it is such a difficult task. Well for a noob it is really hard,the part with the shrimp is not too difficult,parting the head from the body can easily done ,but the job with the squid is far different. I have to peel the skin from the squid ,that red skin is just hard to peel off from the squid,it won’t move but after trying a few times I finally succedeed peeling off one squid lol while the other success peeling off two or three.
Next thing to do is cleaning the shrimp and squid,again the squid is harder to do than shrimp. I must clean the fat from the squid. Man it was just too much for me hahah. But it is not all,after playing with citizen of the sea,we play with vegetables,to be precise we doing cut to the vegetables, I did cut the radish and some garlic,after having fun with the knife I don’t remember much about the process we did :P.

But at last the dishes is finished with a very red color that look so tempting. After a few chew,well the taste is great,it is just I not used to eat the shrimp and squid that the smell is still there make me feel weird.But overall the food was great!!


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