Friday the 8th of July 2011

Fyuuuhhh.. This friday and saturday is so amazing. I went to Jakarta to visit PSA and having some discussion about us. It started yesterday after I left Bandung with City Trans travel at 1.00 pm and arrived at Jakarta at 4.00 pm,too bad not we become three party so conversation will be censored somehow and yeah the atmosphere became horribly awkward but fortunately there is a gadget lies there waiting to be used :D. And yattaaaa!! Ipod,with internet connection is always a good thing :P.   Hmm by the way,the destination was set to Jakarta Book Party, I want to see lots of books.

And yeah a lot books are there but too bad I can not take a look every inches of the places to check what book that cheap and interesting enough for me :D.  I just sit on the bench waiting helplessly but fortunately inside the ipod installed PES so I did try play that famous game. Well it is not easy to play it,with just two buttons and direction button it is not easy. I try using Germany versus a club from minor league, I forgot actually which club lol. Eventhough I use a team that far more superior to the enemy but I still cannot managed to score at least one goal. So pitiful.

Ah by the way I saw an interesting view. Some SPG from a bank was trying to get costumer and she used a flirtatious way to make the costumer decide to make the account. She said that she need at least one account for that day.And good for her that man finally decided to make an account in that bank.

After that the clock showing that it is already the time for magrib prayer and you need to know that the space given for praying is so impolite in my opinion. Placed at the second floor with some carpet for place to pray and some noise from concert around there make the place really unappropriate for praying and no place for wudhu,only toilet which is you have to pay 1000 rupiah for every visit.But one good thing I had was seeing the view of Jakarta from the corner I’ve never visit and to see how bright this city is,was something I never had.

Now we had to fill our empty stomach,after some silly discussion because she asked where to which I answer with up to you because I never eat around that area.At last the car was driven to Plaza Senayan,and yeah it also my first visit lol. My requirement for the meal was just that it must have a menu that has many rice because I was very hungry.That day I just had fried noodles and cakue before leaving Bandung. We choose Bakmi GM and I choose to eat fried rice,yeah the menu was perfect for me. I feel full after eating that menu. Oh by the way her brother was joining us. So,the discussion we are going to have again must be delayed. But decision was made and to be honest I don’t think that we should never made a decision through such a short conversation,but it just happened. But eventhough decision was made I personally still hoping that someday our thread of fate will joined together again despite the fact that now we decided to end such undefined relationship. I do hope like that,well yeah it is difficult for me to express it that day but it is like that.

After finishing the meal,we came to her house,I need to give her some multimedia files including OP,HIMYM and HXH was supposed to be there but somehow it not there. I don’t know how but it was gone eventhough I did download them from the server,really really confusing and disappointing.I also try to set up password for wifi that her family have but too bad I failed to create it. And after eat a doughnut and a cup of tea I left her house to meet another friend.

His name is AHP,he works at a chemical company in Serang and also doing some book translation for his side job. We promised to meet near Pasar Slipi.I used to visit that place regularly when I was a child. Too bad I didn’t visit the inside part of that place,can only see from the outside of it.Still many ojek,the same old magazine seller,bakmi seller,well from the outside not too many difference from when I left Jakarta 5 years ago. But the difference was seen from the road I walked,there is a futsal place which was a cinema several years ago,there is a pawnshop,a few atm and also minimarket is now around.

The journey with AHP to his house,I seen that many 7-11 is built ,there is also a drugstore in Batusari,I spent many times waiting for public transport in Batusari so it just feel weird seeing that building there. But one thing that I think will never be gone from Jakarta is the crazy traffic jam created by the low understanding of traffic rules,low patient citizen,and the low empathy. And I still do not understand how Jakarta’s citizen still can manage to face that stupid traffic jam everytime they are on the road because for only once can not accept facing that traffic jam,their endurance is so amazing!

Arriving at AHP’s house I again give some multimedia files to him.Have a conversation about love story me and him but I kept some my stories about latest human I keep in touch lately,a nice person to be chat partner. I just still can not tell about her heuheu. After all nothing else happened before the day changed. I will just continue the story in the next post 😀


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