Metal with local taste

Who does not know Sepultura? For real metalheads, Sepultura has been a legend. Sepultura is one of the pioneer in Tribal Metal genre. They include some native percussion instrument from Brazil into some of their songs. Like this one


I forget how did I know about Sepultura but perhaps because they were so famous that made me know about their great music.

Another band that include some local instrument into their song is Eluveitie. They are from Switzerland,at first I thought they were from Scotland because one of their member played bagpipes and it makes their music sounds unique to my ear.

The first Eluvietie’s song I listened to was Omnos,the female vocalist also made me interest to their song. It was during the time I get to know Century Media youtube channel and I browse some of the bands they post and yay I found Omnos 😀 .

This time we visit Asia continent

Meet Spring And Autumn :

They are from China PR, I first heard their song from a documentary made by Sam Dunn about the whole metal people around the world. I surprised seeing that in such a country metal is also exist,well maybe I was too underestimating. And same with Eluveitie and Sepultura is they insert some local instrument in their song. Their song was played when the movie introduced the metal scene in China and somehow it sounds nice to my ear eventhough I do not understand any single words from their song but it just great to listen to it

And the last that I know due to my lack of knowledge is Chthonic

I just found them two days ago after searching from some blog which I found from a search website. First listening to their sound it reminds me of Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth. Both are my favorite band that play Black Metal genre. The plus side of Chthonic is that they are from Taiwan.Yeah!after I surprised seeing Spring And Autumn now I met band from another unexpected country. Turn out Chthonic are already pretty famous among the metalheads. They already go international, I read that their latest gig was in Japan. The uniqueness I like from them beside the Hena instrument is they have a female member! Metal chicks is always sexy :D. They also have a pattern in their album,the first song will be instrumental after that the second track and so on the rage is begin.

HAIL!! \m/


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