And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Those are two sentences from Steve Jobs commencement address at 2005 in front of Stanford graduates. I don’t know how but I totally agree with what he said.

I Don’t have many experience yet related with the way my heart guides me through life but one thing that I’ll always remember is the moment I want to go to Bandung when my home was still in Jakarta.

Weirdly,every time my feeling was upset,bad or disappointed for any kind of reason. The typical reason was that I don’t want to bring too many stuff because I will be busy taking care of the things,and also I hate the weight. But my mother who don’t want to watch me suffer for any reason insist that I must bring along those things.

Since the feeling was kinda bad,the event later on also become annoying enough . Various things happened but mostly is I have to wait for a very-very long time before the bus that will took me to Bandung arrive at the highway gate. And it is usually companied with such a hot weather during the day. Very-very disappointing. If I still have some luck then the bus would not be full but still has some empty seats but if not then I had to sit beside some foreign person which for me is not really comfortable. I like to sit alone so I can put my belonging at the seat near the window,it is safer for me.

Arrive in Leuwipanjang and looking for the bus that will take me to Dago might also be irritating if the feeling was in a bad shape. From a full of passenger until lots of smoke,fortunately I’ve never been mugged in that bus.

Contrary to those condition,sometimes when I feel happy to go Bandung because not many things to bring,the situation will become extremely different. I just don’t understand it yet how it can be. It’s just everytime I feel happy than the journey will be very smooth. I mean I don’t need to wait for a very long time under the sun,the bus will have many empty seats and I can sleep peacefully during the trip. And it was exactly what happened when I visited Jakarta last time. Eventhough I brought two bags full of food but I don’t think about it as some kind of burden but rather something good that will help me struggle during some difficult time when money is rare.

And after listen to the first sentence in this post, I realized that heart is important. It will guides us through hard time and shows us the path to become what we want somehow. And because of that I think that part of our body needs to be nurtured and kept from such a morbid things like anger or sadness. To feel sad or angry sometimes is fine but not too often that will turn that meat into some sort of rotten flesh. Because if it is like that then it will show you the path to darkness. Surely. Somehow I believe it like that


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