Satan Speaks

So, who do you like Wir? Who is the person who has been making your meal feel tasteless and appearing in your dream?

Honestly speaking, I do not know. Yeah, I have been trying to accept the fact that PSA already committed to another guy. Yes I accept that and eventhough I am struggling to swallow it for about a year, now slowly but sure I already understand it after a short chat a few days ago.

Two person I asked were saying that I should keep trying to chase PSA whatever the cost is. But after that afternoon she seems very sure about her decision. And what is left to do is make myself approve of her decision. So arrogant of me to think that I still have rights to make an approval. Anyway, I also starting to believe that it is impossible to keep her by my side in the future since foolishness I made was beyond repair. I don’t want to destroy something that already been broken once by my deeds. Better left her be with another who she trust.

And now, another phase is appearing. I am trapped in liking someone from the past. Not PSA of course. A person whose been around me for long. For you people whose from H* I admit that I like a girl from our group.  But I can not admit which one is it I am chasing. You people keep asking me and it keeps giving me pressure. You may believe that I am seeking for a person attention in the internet but honestly I just can say that she is pretty enough to my liking. But if you are expecting me to give a description why do I adore her then I’d say just call my number. For future,no I am not thinking to be with her.

Other that I am hoping for the future is indeed the person whose got a gift. IIf you are desperate enough to know who she is than do your own investigation but please just left it to yourself. Not even try to share to anyone but God.


Semoga Tuhan mencegah gw melakukan dosa seperti yang disabdakan di internet oleh seorang kawan.


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