I don’t what should I use for the title. Several ideas crossed my mind :The Evil Human; Base and Low Morality in the Apocalypse; Pure Evil Existence; Being and Nothingness( entschuldigung Herr Heidegger ).

But seriously , after watching almost four seasons of The Walking Dead ,all I can recall seems to be the shitty moments.

Now I am about to watch Beth Greene – one of the actresses that I think attractive ,being kidnapped​. She has been running together with Daryl Dixon after their camp attacked by the wicked character called The Governor.

The strongest scene that carved into my mind is when Rick Grimes found out that his wife, Lori Grimes deceased after giving birth to Judith Greene.

The sensation of hopelessness felt strongly in my heart. 

Rick got separated with Lori and their son, Carl Grimes when the outbreak happened . Rick was shot when doing his job as the sheriff and his wife assumed him to be dead. She got close with Shawn,one of the earliest assholes in my opinion which also Rick’s partner at job.
And after several quarrels with Shawn and for a specific reason that I can’t remember , Rick killed Shawn.

Rick and Lori got closer but somehow still distant because Rick having this suspicion that the baby which is carried by Lori might not be his .

But Rick indeed still loved her. Everybody can tell from his first reaction. He can’t utter any words. Everyone around him also got speechless for the pain that they all shared. Nobody can deliver the news but everyone knows that Rick badly wounded inside. 
And I somehow got affected. I actually am easy to be influenced in terms of feeling . 

The moment Rick realizing Lori has passed away was the first time I felt TWD really something different . 

I have watched several film that gave me shock but this is a whole new level.

The biggest difference is that when you watched a movie you have this assumption that the pain will not be for long. But in series, it occurred to me that they will always remember the pain every morning when they first wake up. And TWD is really​ good in dragging you into having the same feeling of joy (rarely), reliance(so many times but only happens shortly ), and despair ( every episode must have this).

The next moment is when Daryl realized that his jerk brother ,Merle Dixon deceased . Seeing the tough and reliable character crying endlessly during the big fire exchange, surely you will feel that even the strongest or toughest person in the world must be holding something dear inside them . 

For example,cat. Many people being fond of cat and we can easily say that he or she is a nice or caring person and usually the person also soft-spoken . 

Daryl is not soft-spoken, he was a jackass in the beginning​ but time by time he became closer with the other people although he keeps his quiet nature all the time.At least his cynicism being controlled better if I might say.

And yeah ,that guy who can easily gut an animal, singlehandedly killed so many walkers , excellent in using a crossbow, experienced tracker, just crying there knowing his brother is gone.

It feels really bad.
The most recent tear-jerking moment was when The Governor slashed the head of Hershel Greene. The oldest and one of the wisest member of the group. He also a faithful person. Kept on believing ,kept on reading his Bible to help him stay sane I think during the moment of madness .

This also feels really bad. I saw Beth and her sister,Maggie screaming when they watched The Governor ruthlessly slain Hershel.And Rick also got shocked. 

This death of Hershel I think the one that has biggest damage to Rick and the other. It felt like the momentous event which says nothing will ever be the same again. 

I got so desperate after watching it and got really satisfied when Michonne stabbed The Governor . At some point I think it is okay to be grateful for the dead of some nasty people .

But my friend told me that The Governor is nothing compared to the next villain :Negan.

Well,let’s just enjoy these moments of despair . Four more episodes before the finale of fourth season. I want to watch but unsure my stomach is strong enough to see the awful moments.


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