What Happened Yesterday

In the morning, I went to Jatinangor to cleared up several things with my mother in there. It was something that I supposed to be doing it long time ago. Should have met her about two months before. But yeah due to cowardness I managed to do it yesterday morning.

Before I met her, I played several scenarios in my mind but it happened differently. Ain’t going into detail here. Already told some details to someone.


Moving on , I went back to Bandung to finish other things up. Namely checking belongings of my senior. Looking for some important documents.

But I didn’t go there straightly. Instead I came back to my boarding house to do other things and also taking a bath.

At four, I left my boarding house with bringing dirty clothes. I planned to laundry it and then go to visit my senior’s boarding house.

After asking the help from the landlord, I managed to check my senior’s stuff. I found traces. I believe some of my questions will be answered if I tried to dig deeper there and checking each paper meticulously. But the time was not enough. It almost magrib and I already found the things that I thought would help my senior getting a better treatment sooner.

Unfortunately, no. It was not the real one. It’s just a legalized copy of the real document. I am planning to visit there again to recheck if not today perhaps tomorrow.

After strolling around the campus and made agreement to give the documents to one of my other senior who planned to visit the hospital today, I went to pray at Salman mosque.

Honestly, praying there especially during this special month is quite rare for me. But last night I wanted to do things differently.

Actually it was great. The preaching given last night put me into some perspective.

Quotes I remembered were these:

“The Americans, The Jews, and other groups are not the real enemy of Muslim. The real enemy is the satan and the misbehaving of people. If we called these other groups as our enemy than we are simply creating other enemy and that would be a wasteful act. Wasting our resources fighting a battle that was not supposed to happen simply because they are not the real enemy. The others are simply competitor. What we should do as a muslim is fastabiqul khairat or try to outrace the other in doing good deeds.”


For me , I feel relieved somehow because I often saw on my social media timeline the cursing and damning of people from other faith. Those keyboard warrior kept spreading their opinion and sooner or later people will start accepting it. Not fighting the opinion itself is a form of acceptance but a passive one.

I also remember this:

“We as a muslim should fight the unfairness and injustice. How could you live comfortly while some people controlling much more land than they could really use for living while some other people have to sleep under the bridge? These kind of misbehaving is the one that we should eradicate from this earth while we still breathing”

So yeah I believe people should not put their focus upon the already dethroned governor himself but more upon the subject that is directly related to the survival of people. How did the government managed to built railway and airport and other infrastructure if not buying the land from the owner? But we should be careful as to define “Buy”. How the term managed, does the payment in cash for only a single time or perhaps the previous owner promised that they will get other benefit that will materialized in the future? Such a magician indeed making these big promises. For I believe not even the president himself could guarantee the nation would not suddenly crashed tomorrow.

After I left the mosque and waited for my senior to retrieve the document from me,  I went home.



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