The Passing Away

Lately or to be more accurate I have been sleeping in the morning​ after doing some stuff in the night . It has been like that for around a month since I moved here.

But this morning something lurking in my mind.

It is a natural phenomenon which happened to every single living being. 

Some people believe that it is not something​ to be afraid of but I somehow doubt it.

Death .

Now , I often afraid of death. Who doesn’t? Never bravely discussed it with my friends or family but I will assume that we share the same opinion .

My concern this morning is which one is more terrible , your own death or the death of people that you loved?

Woody Allen has a twisted way to express his opinion about death. He said ,” I am not afraid of death , I just don’t want to be there when it is happened”.

If you like dark comedy,his films are something worthy to watch.

Okay so which one is worse? Or perhaps it is not something worthy to compare?


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